What is it you REALLY want for yourself??

Take 3 days of Luxury Self Care & Find out! 

Just be honest:

How often do you take 3 days to get away from it all? To reconnect to your self, to take time to listen to your inner voice, to eat clean, healthy food, to do your practises and to spend time with a group of amazing women?

Our guess is ‘not very often‘…

Being part of the Sovereign Living Retreat gives you the opportunity to



Come to beach! We promise you won’t regret it for a second.


The first two steps to sovereignty and freedom are self awareness & true love for who you are.

This retreat offers you 3 days of tranquility and peace, connection, sisterhood and teaching to learn about YOU.

From knowing and loving yourself, comes the ability to understand others and connect with them from the heart.


Out-growing the overwhelm and stress that day-to-day life confronts us with.

Quick Overview


23-25 June 2017, starting Friday afternoon, ending Sunday afternoon


Yogabee Retreat, Domburg

additional info:

max 12 participants

3 teachers

1 amazing vegetarian cook

1 pool

1 yogaroom

1 beach (but it stretches for miles!)

  • * The retreat will be taught in Dutch & English, depending on the participants *

Background info

Gorgeous Retreat Center

Yogabee is a luxury, small scale retreat with a beautiful spacious yoga studio, a heated indoor pool, a sauna and a tennis court.

The retreat is surrounded by meadows and is only 500 meter from the beach and the cosy beach village Domburg.

pm: Yogabee has spacious, shared rooms (2 people each)

Wholesome vegetarian food

Fia de Pree loves to inspire people through her passion for honest and healthy food. She is an experienced retreat cook, bringing people together around her beautiful vegetarian meals.

Historical beach town Domburg

Domburg is a beautiful sea side village, historically know for its spa’s. In the 19th century, both royalty and artists resided here to enjoy the beach and the health and healing opportunities. 

Domburg is also know because it was host to one of the two known temples for the goddess Nehallenia, who protected souls in during travel and transformation.