When I look at you I see a powerful woman.

Do you see her too?


is the program I wished for when I was feeling out of alignment.

It’s centred around my conviction that we are all entitled to a Sovereign Life.

A life that is fully aligned with who we really are.

In the past years I have worked with many people over long periods of time and I’ve experienced the power of turning inside yourself with all of them. During and after our time together people realigned with their truth and brought out their Genius, giving them the courage to shift anything out of alignment in their live.

Dreams don’t work unless you do

This masterclass will teach you to

 CONNECT you to your Zone of Genius & your purpose

 TEACH you how to interconnect YOUR needs fluently with what others need from you.

 EMPOWER you to reshape your life, so it aligns fully with the beautiful person you truly are, creating

Your Sovereign Life

Sovereignty is the supreme power to self govern and it is the core of a life lived well‘ – Christina Pratt

Sovereignty is 

truly knowing and understanding yourself, including your shadow side;
accepting, validating and loving yourself, creating autonomy;

knowing your Work, your unique way to serve the world and living it;

living your life in a way that creates balance (physically, mentally and spiritually) and supports fast recovery when you get imbalanced;
being able to connect to your core, your inner Self at any given time;

living your life knowing that only YOU are in charge of it;
fully owning your ‘story’: who you are, what you can do, what you cannot do,
and being able to express this in a sincere way;
holding (and even strengthening) the connection with other people, while you are speaking your truth;
embracing the principle that how your are has more impact then what you do.

Why Sexy??

Great question!

Sexy, as we see it here, has everything to do with owning your femininity,
feeling sure about who you are and how you look.
It’s about feeling strong and happy.
Thàt is what makes people sexy.

To us, sexiness is not about sex
or about doing things, trying to be attractive to other people.

We hope ‘sexy’ resonates with you as a playful way to describe
you owning your power, beauty and strength
and enjoying who you truly are.

the Program

Your Teachers

Rosalie Puiman

Rosalie Puiman believes in a world were all people live with sovereignty, compassion and awareness. Slowly but surely these qualities are spreading, and Rosalie contributes to that by supporting her clients in creating a Sovereign Life. She is a Transformational Presence Coach & Meditation Guide working with passionate people who feel driven to positively impact the world. Her coaching and teaching help them connect to their intuitive mind, open their heart and grow into their personal power and true potential. As Rosalie is lighthearted and grounded, working with her doesn’t get heavy, even though it digs deep.

Maaike Pieters

Maaike Pieters is an astrologer and Transformational Presence Coach. Her passion is to re-connect people to their essence and get a big picture view on their lives. After transforming herself from being a struggling ‘I want to be everything for everyone-woman’ into owning the business of her dreams, she experienced first hand that it is possible to make money doing what you love.Her journey brought her to the most amazing places and helped her move into her Zone of Genius. Maaike helps you in opening up to your essence by using the Laws of the Universe and the abundance of Nature.

Astrid Lambrechtsen

Astrid Lambrechtsen is a certified stress counselor. Her program Masters in Stress helps people to return from burn-out and supports dedicated, loyal people to set boundaries and integrate self care into their lives.
Astrid stimulates you to explore which beliefs and role models influence your decisions. When you become aware of these patterns, you will find that you are able to live from trust instead of fear.

Amber Teterissa

Amber Teterissa is open, full of energy and believes that anything is possible when you listen to your heart and dare to step into your strength. She combines her business instinct with her theater background. This result in coaching and training sessions where she will guide you to find your way to tell the world who you are and what you want. From your core in an authentic and truthful way.

Life is NOT bad, let’s be clear on that.

There is so much to be grateful for.
You may even feel that you, of all people, really shouldn’t complain.

But still….
You can not deny a sense of being trapped.
A sense of being out of balance and alignment.
A sense of your life slipping away from you…

Problem is

you can ignore this feeling of being out of alignment


but it won’t go away.

And ignoring these signs that you are out of alignment can leads to all kinds of trouble:

failing relationships,
physical pain
and burn out.


I am quite sure that many things in your life are going well.

And some are not as great as they could be.

By not taking the time to finally stop and listen, you keep yourself from the life you could be living

you are signing away your power.

But let’s be honest:

your life will not miraculously become all you ever wanted,
without you actively investing in it.

The Future is what YOU make of it

Am I promising you I will change your life for you? NO.

Am I promising you your dream life without a drop of sweat? NO.


But I am promising you that I will help you become the person
who will change her own life.

And I am promising you empowerment and alignment,
leading to freedom and personal power.