Growing Sovereignty

with Rosalie Puiman

a free 5 part video series
setting course to

Your Sovereign Life

I know you probably want to … 

  •  … live life on your own terms

  • … know with absolute certainty that you are on your path of most impact and that your life and work matters

  • … feel inspired & connected to your own wisdom and truth, like you feel connected to the people around you.

And even though I know this may well feel like an impossible dream right now,
I know for a fact it isn’t.

Even more: I believe everyone is fully entitled, and fully capable 

of living a Sovereign Life.

That’s why I have created

5 video lessons to help you take the first steps towards

a life of freedom and connection.

In this FREE video series you will learn

  • the 4 questions to finding your Authentic Self

  • the proces to discovering your own big Why

  • a beautiful meditation connecting you to your Higher Self, to grow your self love 

  • a simple pose to grow your Personal Presence

What is sovereignty?

Sovereignty is the supreme power to self govern and it is the core of a life lived well‘ – Christina Pratt

Sovereignty is 

TRUTH & AUTHENTICITY truly knowing and understanding yourself, including your shadow side; accepting, validating and loving yourself, creating autonomy;

PASSION & PURPOSE knowing your Work, your unique way to serve the world and living it;

SELF CARE & LIVING YOUR TRUTH living your life in a way that creates balance (physically, mentally and spiritually) and supports fast recovery when you get imbalanced; being able to connect to your core, your inner Self at any given time;

PERSONAL PRESENCE & POWER living your life knowing that only YOU are in charge of it; fully owning your ‘story’: who you are, what you can do, what you cannot do, and being able to express this in a sincere way; holding (and even strengthening) the connection with other people, while you are speaking your truth; embracing the principle that how your are has more impact then what you do.

This free video course will give you the opportunity to

get started on creating your Sovereign Life


Video 1: What is a Sovereign Life & how do you create it?

In this first video, I’ll talk about sovereignty & why it is vital to develop it, if you want to have a positive impact on today’s world. I’ll also give you the 4 steps to creating YOUR Sovereign Life, which I will talk about more extensively in the upcoming lessons.



Video 2: Truth & Authenticity

The first step to creating a sovereign life, is to embrace your truth & know your authentic self. In this video, you’ll get a handy tool to start this process.



Video 3: Purpose & Passion

To create a Sovereign Life, knowing WHY you do what you do is truly elemental. Without that inner guidance, it’s really hard to make the right choices and focus your energy to what really matters. Finding your Why is a process, that we can start today.



Video 4: Self Care & Living your Truth

To be able to create & live your Sovereign Life, you basically have to fall in love with who you are.  Experience the most beautiful guided meditation to connect to your innermost Self, and feel true love for yourself. 



Video 5: Presence & Power

In this video we will focus on the ability to talk sincerely and without bragging about your zone of genius and the amazing life you are (or soon will be) leading. I will teach you a simple pose that will raise the presence you bring into a room in just a few minutes. 


The fact that I am giving this to you free of charge, doesn’t mean it’s cheap.

In fact, it will cost you more than money.

It will take time, commitment, the courage to be open and to look at yourself.
But remember that everything you invest in yourself, will come back to you with interest.

Message from Rosalie

I am so excited you are here! 

Are you ready to start designing the life of your dreams?

I sure hope you are. Because let me be honest with you: the world needs YOU to step into your Sovereign Life.

We need that unique thing you have to offer to the world.
We need you to be happy, and send of positive vibes.
Your unique gift is special, not many people have it. And it is your way to serve the world.
Without burning out. Without being stressed. Without being bored.
Just by living in your zone of Genius.

I know about that. I am continuously carving on my own Sovereign Life since I gave up my 9-5 power job and started my practise as a transformational presence coach. Since then I have supported dozens and dozens of people in creating their Sovereign Life.

I really look forward to share the things I have learned through those experiences with you. Sign up here >> and enjoy this complementary e-course!