Who I am

And why am I teaching this program

Maybe you’ve felt like this

a sense of being trapped,
of being out of balance and alignment.
a feeling as if your life is slipping away from you.

To be honest,

I’ve felt it too…

Just a couple of years ago I felt like that.
I had an amazing husband, a beautiful daughter and son.
I was highly successful and well paid at my power job.
I had nice friends, loved to cook and be creative.
My life was perfect.
Thing was, I kept having a feeling that something was off. That there was more to me.
Of course I ignored it for a while.

Until I didn’t.

The power of listening to my inner truth

And when I finally started to listen, I realized a lot WAS going well.
I didn’t have to change everything.

But there were a couple of areas where I was out of sync:
My work was quite good, but it wasn’t what I was truly passionate about.
And my relationships with other people were ok,
some even great,
but my relationship with myself was almost non-existent.

In the past 4 years I have made changes.

1 big one: I changed my career.
And a ton of small to tiny ones,
that lead up to me being aligned, empowered and free
so I now feel in full ownership of my life.
{you can read more about my personal story here}

The Future is what YOU make of it

What I’ve learned?

As long as we don’t listen to our inner truth, and realign our lives to what it is saying,
our feeling of inner conflict just keeps growing…

And that leads to all kinds of trouble:
sleeplessness, stress, failing relationships, physical pain and midlife crisis or burn out.

Maybe my experience is a little like yours: many things ARE going well. And some are not as great as they could be.

By not taking the time to finally stop and listen, you keep yourself from the life you could be living,

You are signing away your power.


I have created the program I wish would have been there when I wasn’t sure I was on the right track.

Because let’s be honest:

your life will not miraculously become all you ever wanted,
without you investing in it.

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