a 5 month journey for 10 extraordinary women

Have you ever considered…

… if this is truly IT?

If this is all there is to your life?

If this is all you can contribute to the world?


If you have, you are not alone. 

Imagine waking up a year from today…

Where do you want to be?


Do you want to still be on that treadmill of overcrowded agenda’s,
running around like crazy, driving hard & pushing through,
but coming home each day feeling tired and drained,
unable to fully show up for the people that matter most to you
and unsure if what you are doing is the best way of using your strengths?

Or do you want to live life on your own terms?

Knowing with absolute certainty that you are on your path of most impact, 

that your life and work matters.

Feeling inspired &connected to your own wisdom and truth

like you feel connected to the people around you.

You may have chosen to suck it up many times.

After all, there are so many practical, logical reasons why that may have seemed the best thing to do.

But I have a feeling you’re done with that. I have a feeling




So now imagine…

what it would be like to get the coaching, the support
ànd the accountability to learn how to

stay centred in the midst of the day-to-day storm

be more solid and independent of other peoples validation

be more efficient ànd more effective

learn your personal mission, your Zone of Genius,
and align your life with that.

That’s exactly what Sovereign, Sexy & Free is designed to do.

Our 5 month Journey start again in the fall of 2017.

If you want to be informed when we start accepting applications,

please leave your contact details here:

Being Sovereign means
knowing yourself,
loving yourself,
being courageous enough to take on that which requires action and
connect to people with truth, love and openness.

The Mastermind includes:

2 live group sessions in Amsterdam

 1:1 session with Rosalie

 virtual group coaching sessions

3 day all inclusive retreat in a luxury center in Domburg, the Netherlands


Inspirational teachers & participants

What if everyone here – both teachers and participants –
has something extraordinary to teach YOU?

Opening yourself to the opportunity to learn from others, to create community and sisterhood, is extremely powerful.
The world is in need of women connecting with each other and together growing their awareness and leadership.

Self Care & Manifestation beach side Retreat

* June, 23-25 2017 *

This is your chance to take 3 days to get away from it all.
To reconnect to your self,
to take time to listen to your inner voice,
to eat clean, healthy food,
to learn,
to be part of beautiful ceremony and
to spend time with a group of amazing women.

We offer you that, and: an all inclusive experience plus powerful teaching, ceremony & coaching.

& also

the opportunity to schedule laser coaching sessions with Rosalie, Maaike or Astrid
(value €175 + per session);

an accountability partner for some much needed sisterhood throughout the program;

a private group on Facebook to connect with the rest of the group & share ideas and experiences

beautiful fillable PDF workbooks and access to Rosalie’s exclusive client resources,
including guided meditations (MP3) and her online programs
Grow into Yourself & 30 Day Self Love Challenge.


Being part of this program requires you to invest in YOU for a changes.

It will cost you more than money.

It will take time, commitment, the courage to be open and to look at yourself.
But remember that everything you invest in yourself, will come back to you with interest.



  • You are ambitious & you want your life to have meaning

  • You want to learn, explore and connect

  • You recognize that life is happening for you, not to you

  • You are open to new people and new experiences

  • You feel you could definitely be an extraordinary woman, even though you may not know how

  • You are willing to invest in yourself 

A message from Rosalie

I am grateful for your interest in this Masterclass, as it so deeply resonates with my own truth and personal mission. Since starting my coaching practise, I have been on a journey of growing awareness, re-discovering my leadership and fully owning up to my personal power and love.

The Sovereign, Sexy & Free Masterclass is the result of that journey, and I am so excited to share everything I’ve discovered with you.

Am I promising you I will change your life for you? No.

Am I promising you a sovereign life without a drop of sweat? No.

But I am promising you that I will help you become the person who will change her own life.

And I am promising you empowerment, wisdom and alignment, leading to freedom and personal power.


Is this your time?

This exclusive Mastermind is meant for 10 extraordinary women.

If you feel this is your time to take ownership of your life, to grow your Sovereignty and be Sexy & Free, then I invite you to start your journey today.

Your first step is to fill in the application form. This will also help you to get clear on where you are on your path. After we receive your form, our team will get in touch as soon as possible, to schedule a ‘get to know you call‘ with Rosalie.

If you have questions, please email us at hello@yoursovereignlife.com